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September 8, 2009

Moving house time!

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I finished the green feather and fan shawl, however I forgot to take a picture of it, before I gave it to Judy. I’ll see if I can get her to take a picture, but I’m moving house next week, and she is moving house two weeks later, so it is very likely never to happen. Also on the topic of moving house, our telephone company disconnected us 9 days early, so I’m having to use my Blackberry as a makeshift modem. Harrumph.

So, my next post is most likely to be after I’ve moved in, but I promise to have at least one photograph for you!


September 1, 2009

yep, here’s another post. and this time it’s crochet

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So, an actual craft related post! And only a day after the last one!

I have started a granny square blanket. Instead of doing each square multicoloured, I’m doing single colour squares. Fewer ends to sort out! I’m using various cotton and wool bits and bobs out of my stash. Hopefully I will finish it before the end of the year!

August 31, 2009

oooh maybe i will actually post more

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I just found an app which lets me upload posts from my beloved Blackberry. Maybe I will actually update more now. Will try and upload photos or something tomorrow :)

May 28, 2009

The first post is the lamest, baby I know

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So. I know that the first post in any blog that I’ve ever started seems to be pretty lame. But with this one, I figured it’s best to get off on the right foot and start posting pictures straight away. I’ve nearly finished knitting the Big Bad Baby Blanket from the first Stitch n Bitch book, I am using RYC Luxury Cotton DK in Sunflower. I love this yarn, I’ve bought more of it in a light grey colour and I’ll probably use it for a shawl or maybe even a light cardigan. Anyway, onto the picture (I’ve not had the chance to take a good picture of the size of it, but I’ll get one when it’s finished).


The colour is washed out a bit, but I think you kind of get the idea. NEXT! Is a feather and fan shawl, and I’m using some lovely bright green Artesano 100% Alpaca 4ply. The photo doesn’t show the colour accurately at all. Mostly because I took the photo when it was pretty dark and the flash has washed it out. But as an added bonus, you get to see the pieceĀ of paper I’m counting my stitches on!


I’ve also got some black Rowan Calmer I’m hoping to knit a jumper with, but that’s a bit further down the queue. And I need to find a pattern. Not so lame a first post after all!

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